• 2012-03-09 12.14.39Welcome to Key 2 Sports training, a sports performance enhancement company dedicated to building faster, stronger and more powerful athletes! Key 2 Sports opened its doors in the spring of 2008 by owner Cornell Key with the hopes of training and preparing athletes for sports domination. We since have trained over 2,000 athletes in the Monmouth County area from all sports including football, soccer, baseball, basketball, wrestling, lacrosse, mixed martial arts, swimming, field hockey, ice hockey & x-games to name a few. We believe that sports’ is about power and the speed of movement. We help increase your power through cutting edge training aimed at increasing your strength, speed and mobility. In addition we believe that our athletes should train in a competitive atmosphere much like the ones they will be competing in. We provide the most intense of atmosphere’s to help develop and cultivate that competitive nature deep inside of all the athletes we work with. Key 2 Sports Training gets results, period. Regardless of if you’re a beginner or a professional, we have the ability to take your game to the next level!

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Stand up Paddle Board Pro takes 1st!

Noel Fitzpatrick-

Noel Fitzpatrick of Shark River NJ, has been training hard for the last 2 months in preparation for her final stretch of Stand Up Paddle Board events this season. She has been performing a blend dedicated leg strengthening exercises as well as core stabilization for her shoulders and hip cuff. As a result of her dedicated 3 sessions a week she recently took 1st place (7th overall 1st female) this past Tuesday in LBI. This was 4 days removed from an even where she had a 4th place finish at a personal best time of 5H 52min. Her training and hard work combined with her running her full-time yoga and surf business makes this an impressive feat!

We are proud to assist Noel during her career and look forward to more of her success!



Take advantage of our BASEBALL Specific performance training this Fall. We will be holding classes 3 nights a week Starting September 8th 2014. Athletes all ages are available. Classes are Monday Wednesday & Saturday @ 6 pm! Classes will cover:

  • Baseball Specific Speed Development
  • Baseball Specific Strength & Mobility Training
  • Rotational Training designed to help increase throwing & bat speed
  • Baseball conditioning!
  • etc.

Call us TODAY at 732-749-3093 or email us @ info@key2sportstraining.com for more details! -Nothing WORKS unless YOU Do!!