10 Life Lessons from a Spider…

Champion Life Lessons from a Spider….


After watching how the UFC Middle weight Champion Anderson “the Spider” Silva handled himself for over 2 years and 2 great fights with top contender Chael Sonnen, I was compelled to share with you some important champion lessons he taught me in the process…




1. Every champion will meet his match at some point. The question is…..how will you respond when NOTHING goes your way? The true champions find a way even when there seems to be no possible way.


2. Are you man enough to STAND in the face of your biggest obstacle? Weak men look for ways out, but Champions stand and deliver.



3. Always be ready to seize the moment when it presents itself. Your life circumstances will present you an opportunity at some point to take back the control. Will you be ready to take it and are you prepared enough to handle it when you do?


4. If even your biggest supporters doubt you, will you doubt yourself? Champions are confident in their abilities and ready to stand alone to prove themselves if need be.

5. Can you look your GIANT in the eyes and remain calm? You are at your BEST when you can relax under pressure and execute.

6. Cowards wince and tense up. Cowards use emotion as fuel. Champions harness emotion and control it. Champions rely on their preparation.




7. Do you STAND for what you believe? If your opponent can change what your core beliefs are, they have already defeated you.



8. Are you willing to get dirty? No opponent will roll over and let you win. Are you willing to do what it takes even if it takes doing what you think you cant? True champions will go to any length and stop at nothing to win.



9. Are you what you say you are? When everyone’s eyes are on you and you are toe to toe with your biggest opponent, will you be who you say you are? What you are under pressure is what you are.


10. Can you win with class? Champions win with class. Cowards hold grudges, talk trash and flaunt. True champions see the big picture and realize that every battle is simply preparation for the next, bigger battle. Your obstacle may someday be your ally. When you win, shake hands and move on.


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