20 Minute Beach Workout: No equipment needed


This workout is meant to improve aerobic capacity and overall fitness.


1. Jogging & Skipping – (2 minutes) – Use sand thats a bit closer to the shore water because its a bit more firm. As we get into the heart of the workout, we’ll move into deeper sand.

Simply jog to one end & forward skip back to your start point & repeat for 2 minutes.

*Its a good idea to pick two land marks on the beach and use that as your guide. Jetties may be too far apart so use whatever you can. If you have no land marks use time {30s on 30s off example}*.

Move into softer sand now…

2. Hand Walk w/ Push-up – (4 min) – Walk the hands out while keeping the legs completely straight. When you’ve walked your hand out drop your hips into push up position. Complete 1-3 push reps & then walk your feet into your hands. Make sure you keep your legs completely straight taking ankle steps only until you’ve gotten your feet as close to your hands as possible. Then repeat. Aim for 5-8 reps and as many sets as possible in 4 minutes.

3. Forward walking lunge w/ backpedal jog– (5min) – Pick a start spot and forward lunge walk aiming to complete 10 steps with each leg. Once you have completed the lunges, backpedal to your start point w/ no rest. Do this 3-5 sets or for a total of 5 minutes.

4. Army crawl  – (2 minutes) –

Simply lie on the sand (pick an area free of shells and other crap) and army crawl for approximately 10 yards using NO LEGS. Army crawling means to use your forearms to pull yourself along the ground while dragging your dead weight legs like this guy over here==>>>

Repeat this for 2 minutes.

5. Burpee’s in the sand. – (2min) – Burpee’s suck! Everyone knows it, but if you’re only working out for 20 minutes, suck it up and do them! #geterdone

This leaves up with 5 minutes to “finish” the workout….

Your last and final exercise should be a lot of fun as well as hard to do.

6. Water Chase sprints! – (5min give or take a few minutes) – This exercise is simple. You want to stand up to your ankles in ocean water facing the beach. You are going to look behind you at the water & wait for a big wave to come in…as the wave approaches you, you are to sprint full speed out of the water on to the shore and beat the wave to the shore. (Distance you sprint onto the shore is up to you. I recommend running till you hit soft sand). If the 1st sprint is too easy, move into the water up to calf height. Gradually keep moving in until the sprint is a big enough challenge for you. I wouldn’t go any deeper than mid femur. It becomes too difficult to judge the waves & too hard to run. Do this for your last few reps and make it fun!


Run like your life depends on it, you never know what could be in that water!

Try this workout and let me know how it goes. While you’re at it, hit the like button below will ya!

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