2012 has been an AWESOME year for Key 2 Sports Training. The statistics we have racked up this year have been nothing short of amazing! We are so humbled by our athletes' success, gym recognition and overall presence in the lives of so many, we are compelled to share with you just a little of whats been going on here.....   Many of you know by now that we have been working with Monmouth Universities' Jose Gumbs in preparation for the NFL this past Spring. Jose trained at our facility for 3 long months leading up to his pro-day in which he wowed scouts and made a HUGE impression on the NFL teams in attendance. After Jose's impressive workout, NFL teams were on notice about his abilities and the phone calls began. Over the 3 days of the NFL draft in April, Jose Gumbs, who was waiting for a call, was still working out at Key 2 Sports and doing everything to ensure he'd be ready when the team who wanted him would call! Unfortunately Jose was passed up in the draft but was immediately called afterwards and signed to the New Orleans Saints. During that entire process, NFL Films was following him capturing...
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Basic Exercises to Develop your YOUTH Athletes!

Hey Cornell,  Hope all is well man. I was wondering if you could suggest a couple of training activities for my 9 yr old. I am looking to develop her quickness, "sprints" as well as overall strength, specifically leg strength for shots on goal. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks man -Jay  

We like to keep training for kids very basic. Kids beginning at around age 9 go through many extreme physical & physiological & hormonal changes. These are THE critical years for growth and development for all people but especially for athletes. Its during these years we want to impress upon these young bodies the importance of not only healthy living & proper nutrition but proper athletic balance & technique. Our bodies from a neurological standpoint absorb so much information constantly during these stages of life. It is here where you set the tone for athletic potential in the years to come.   With this understanding, its important for coaches to have a few things understood to ensure proper development of your athletes:
  • Keep the training as simple as possible. - Complexity in training...
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3 Day Dumbbell Program: For Commercial gyms with No Barbells

Question: Coach (Cornell), I need to get a dumbbell workout from you. I'm working out at Planet Fitness and the dumbbells only go up to 65lbs. How can I still get  a good workout in though? -JM

  Answer: Hey Jon, whats up. 1st of all if you're unfortunate enough to train in a gym where there are no barbells, no loud music & dumbbells that only go up to probably should find a new gym. In the event that you cannot, here's a 3 day DB only program you can do.... *Side note. Since max effort training is out of the question, being as though we only have access to dumbbells, training volume and intensity have been turned up a bit.   Wait 60-90 seconds between exercises and repeat.  

Day 1 - Lower Push/Upper Pull

1a. DB Jump Squats - 8 sets of 3 1b. DB 2 hand Bent over Row - 8x8   2a. DB Monster Rep Squat 4x5  (1+1/2 rep = 1) 2b. 1 Arm Db Snatch 4x5 2c. DB Side Plank - Hold weight in top hand - 4x 30s each  

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10 Life Lessons from a Spider…

Champion Life Lessons from a Spider....


After watching how the UFC Middle weight Champion Anderson "the Spider" Silva handled himself for over 2 years and 2 great fights with top contender Chael Sonnen, I was compelled to share with you some important champion lessons he taught me in the process...

      1. Every champion will meet his match at some point. The question will you respond when NOTHING goes your way? The true champions find a way even when there seems to be no possible way.   2. Are you man enough to STAND in the face of your biggest obstacle? Weak men look for ways out, but Champions stand and deliver.     3. Always be ready to seize the moment when it presents itself. Your life circumstances will present you an opportunity at some point to take back the control. Will you be ready to take it and are you prepared enough to handle it when you do?   4. If even your biggest supporters doubt you, will you doubt yourself? Champions are confident in their abilities and ready to stand alone to prove themselves if need be. 5. Can you look your GIANT in the...
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20 Minute Beach Workout: No equipment needed


This workout is meant to improve aerobic capacity and overall fitness.


1. Jogging & Skipping - (2 minutes) - Use sand thats a bit closer to the shore water because its a bit more firm. As we get into the heart of the workout, we'll move into deeper sand.

Simply jog to one end & forward skip back to your start point & repeat for 2 minutes.

*Its a good idea to pick two land marks on the beach and use that as your guide. Jetties may be too far apart so use whatever you can. If you have no land marks use time {30s on 30s off example}*.

Move into softer sand now...

2. Hand Walk w/ Push-up - (4 min) - Walk the hands out while keeping the legs completely straight. When you've walked your hand out drop your hips into push up position. Complete 1-3 push reps & then walk your feet into your hands. Make sure you keep your legs completely straight taking ankle steps only...

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5 Common Sprinting Mistakes: Athletes Acceleration Flaws



Here are common mistakes we see while evaluating athletes acceleration mechanics. Addressing these will help your sprint performance tremendously.


Mistake # 1: Anterior pelvic tilting.

 Many of the athletes we begin to evaluate show withing seconds an anterior pelvic tilt while they accelerate. This simply means that their pelvic bone (at the top) is slightly tilted forward. When this happens, the athletes rear will appear to push backward causing a slight arch in the lower back. This arch will effect the ability of the athlete to both produce and absorb force while running. After too long this tilt will begin to have a residual effect on muscle length and ultimately muscle activation. So it is absolutely critical that athletes address this issue before performing sprint mechanic work.

Common ways to address the anterior pelvic tilt are:

Static stretching the psoas, TFL and the illacus. Also, you should practice glute bridging and hip thrusting with weights. This will help balance out the hip...

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The proud few….

TIME FLY'S........

I heard  my parents say it a hundred times growing up, " time fly's". It was always a reminder for me to take full advantage of each moment. You know, take as many chances during my busy days to appreciate the season of life that I was in. So many times we get caught up and forget that we should be appreciating the time we are in, both the good and the bad. Today as I watched 5 young men take their last stroll into our gym doors as high school seniors, the thoughts had never hit me so hard....

4 years ago...

...we began working with a group of 7 athletes from the local high school. I met with one of the parents one winter evening and talked about this special group of kids. After brainstorming for a few hours we put together a special package that suited everyone. This young group of freshman athletes was highly touted and was looked upon to make a big splash in the coming years. They were a tight group of kids who had played ball together since their Pop Warner days. My job was simple: prepare these young boys for life on the...
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  For anyone who's been following Key 2 Sports Training for any length of time now, its no shock that we have been preparing Monmouth University Safety Jose Gumbs for life in the NFL. However, through all the preparation, Pro-days and NFL buzzzz, there are NO GARUNTEE'S any athlete will definitely make that step. So leading up to the NFL Draft this past weekend, everyone had their attention set on the young safety to see if he's actually take that next step! Tension was thick as Jose, myself and a host of other people waited through 7 rounds of the NFL Draft waiting to hear his name called. NFL Network came down this past weekend to spend time with Jose for an upcoming show airing this fall on NFL Network. The show's name is "Hey Rookie, welcome to the NFL"...and the cast members are various NFL rookies looking to stake claim on NFL life! Well the cameras were everywhere as we worked out here on Friday, day 2 of the NFL Draft. They took part in every aspect...
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Question: Cornell Addresses Popliteus & ACL Issues for athletes

Hey Cornell!!! How are you?!?! I MISS YOU AND TRAINING!! I actually have a very imortant question. Haha I strained my papliteous or however you spell it in the back of my knee, the sports medicine place on campus also told me that my ACL's are very loose and im scared!!! I was wondering if you could tell me some workout or something to help strengthen my knees?!?! I do not need to get hurt so please let me know(: thanks and i hope you and the family are doing well!!!

Laura D.  

Hi Laura, thanks for the question. We certainly miss you here as well! Hope all is going well for you at school and with soccer. So, i'm going to attempt to answer your question as best I can & the simplest way possible.

So here it goes: 1st of all your "popliteus", is a small muscle that runs just behind the knee under the hamstring & calf muscles. It is known to have a number of different functions helping stabilizing the knee. Here are three of its most major...
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3 Ways STRONGMAN Training can ENHANCE your workouts!

In "true" Strongman training, just about every exercise is MAX Effort or at least somewhere close to it. This is because the true nature of that sport is, in and of itself, STRENGTH. However, when using Strongman variations for fitness purposes, its not wise to train with extremely heavy loads as your purpose isn't just strength but also conditioning and overall fitness. And because Strongman training has the added benefit of cardiovascular development (unlike powerlifting or Olympic lifting variants) , the training can be used in a variety of different ways successfully. When we program Strongman lifts into our workouts we do it because of the sheer fun it brings! Its just down right fun to express your strengths through non traditional training. Pushing trucks, flipping tires, pulling sleds and carrying inordinate heavy objects presents a challenge while you strength train that is unmatched by any set/rep scheme. Its also a sneaky way to do a ton of work without thinking about set after set and rep after rep. Its feels like a bigger accomplishment to do heavy hand over hand rope pulls for sets over just doing single...
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