I tried many fad diets and exercise regimens before my wife made me go (kicking and screaming) to see Cornell.  My brother had recently died at only 55 years old (as did my father) and I was heading down that same path.   At 43 I was grossly obese, had high cholesterol and blood sugar levels, and my liver was starting to shut down because I was so fat.  After six months of working with Cornell I am now 50 lbs. lighter,  six pants sizes smaller (from 42-36)and am feeling better than I have in 15+ years.  My cholesterol, blood sugars and liver enzymes are all back to normal with no medication.  Don’t get me wrong it took hard work, dedication and willpower on my part.  Cornell had no magic pill or powder to help me achieve success.  What he did do was give me a plan, the tools, the knowledge and guidance (and sometimes a kick in the butt) to stay on track to achieve my goals.  Although I still have a ways to go I now plan to be around well beyond attained age 55 for my wife and my 9 year old daughter (goals worth fighting for).  I will be there to walk her down the aisle someday (hopefully a long ways off) and Cornell will be on my guest list.

Andrew Yonker 



Cornell is amazing and has been preparing me for the next level of D1 soccer.  He continues to push me to be better, faster, and stronger, improving my game immensely!  People tease me saying I’m made of titanium… But really I’m made of the intense and most rewarding workouts from Cornell Key.

Sarah Price

’11 State Champion St. Rose HS






Key 2 Sports
I have been training with Cornell since I was 9 years old before he 
created “Key 2 sports” and stopped training with him when I was 12 due to his relocation to Wall.  Now that my family has also recently moved to Wall, I have come back to him now at 16 years old, and it was a very smart decision for my sport knowing what I physically needed. I am a three time National Champion ATV Motocross Racer.  In my sport, most people will think it’s just the quad doing all of the work, but 90% is the rider and how you can move and manipulate the machine around, and 10% is just the quad. At the end of the day, all of the quads are the same and is up to the rider, physically, mentally and with a lot of quick decision making.  In 2007, I won two national championships in an amateur division, and also won an award called “Rider Of The Year” which was featured as the pull-out poster in “Quad magazine”. In 2008 and 2009 I ranked top 5 both years in more amateur divisions and I would consider those years learning years. In 2010, I had a dominating season winning a class called “Supermini”, which is the fastest youth class in the U.S.  In 2011, I had an injury that knocked me out for the whole season, breaking my collar bone which forced me to miss all the events. For 2012, I would definitely say I am in the best physical condition I have ever been in my whole life, and I have been practicing more than ever. It will be a very hard competitive year, but I can’t wait to see what I can do this year as far as accomplishments. Cornell knows what I need in my sport physically and is helping me get there with his intense focus and training. Thank you Key 2 Sports! 

Sincerely, Nick Gennusa


Cornell Key is the best of the best when it comes to elite sports training. His training regiments have made me an overall better athlete and have prepared me to take my game to the next level.

Mike Alonzo

Rumson Football

State Champion &All Shore Lineman






Having the desire and determination to be the best I can be in surfing and improve my competition results, I started training with Cornell. I have onlybeen training with him for a few months, but have already been seeing and feeling a difference in the way I surf. Now, I am able to complete big maneuvers that I never would have been able to pull off without my training program that Cornell had specifically made for my surfing. I have never been more confident and strong with my surfing in my life.

Jill Kepich
Competitive Surfer




“When it comes to understanding what it takes to succeed, Cornell Key has proven to me over and over again as one who possesses the knowledge. Cornell has all the tools and skills that you look for in a trainer when it comes to speed … agility … strength and overall power, he knows what it takes to maximize a clients true abilities. Whether female, male, adults or a youth – Cornell has the ability to push you to your limits by understanding your capabilities while understanding how you are as a person while getting you to that level. There are just a few performance trainers who I can say I respect and have true belief in and Cornell Key happens to be one of them. Whether looking for speed or strength enhancements – Cornell Key has the key ingredients in his philosophies. Cornell has proven his athletic ability and prowess as an All American defensive lineman at Monmouth University, and now he’s passing along on his knowledge and skills to his clients in their quest to reaching their goals. Cornell Key’s clients tend to have that “NO GOAL IS UNREACHABLE” attitude … he has to be a parents and coaches dream come true.

Chris Melvin

H.S. Football Analyst



About a year ago a girlfriend called and mentioned competing in a triathlon on the jersey shore. She insisted this would be a great thing for us to do along with another friend of ours.  I cast the thought out of my head thinking no way. How could I possibly have the endurance and talent to compete in such an awesome sport.  As time passed I heard of a few other women who had done the jersey girl triathlon and the thought “heck, if they can do it so can I” the words started playing in my head. And so in March when registration was posted I took the jump in and made a commitment. I informed Coach Cornell and we set a plan in motion. I’ve been working with Cornell as my personal trainer for over three years; his work-outs are always challenging and tough .  Preparing for a triathlon was something new; I relied on him to develop a strategy and for several months he gave me targets. We focused on strength conditioning, core conditioning, building stamina and leg strength.  I gave it all I had in the work-outs, one session so intense I thought I was going to heave. The end result is a great one. I finished the triathlon on a cold rainy morning about 15 minutes faster than anticipated. WOW. Even with a hamstring pull I crossed that finish line with the biggest smile on my face knowing I achieved something great.  a personal milestone.  It was about setting a goal and making it happen. Doing something outside your comfort zone.  And, by the way, the other two women who initially told me about the tri never did it…..but I did.  THANK YOU COACH!!!
Dee Slattery



I have been a soccer player nearly all of my life. I have been told on many occasions I have a lot to offer the sport. However, I still had weaknesses that I needed to improve to get that extra edge I needed to be more successful on the field. When I came to Key 2, my main objectives were to get stronger so I would be able to play against the bigger players, increase my endurance to maintain the same quality of play throughout the game, increase my speed to run down the ball, and to jump higher above the rest being I am only 5’3″ to accomplish those headers. I have only been at Key 2 for 6 months now and within that short period of time I have learned so much to improve myself. The trainers concentrate on your weaknesses while also maintaining and increasing your strengths. I learned how to run correctly which increased my speed as well as giving me the endurance I had been lacking. The strength in my upper body has increased to hold back the bigger players. Best of all, I can jump as high as the goal post now and I had a header to win the hardest game in an International Tournament. If it was not for Key 2 and their commitment to me, I do not believe I would be as strong a player going into the upcoming season. Thank you Cornell, I appreciate all you have done for me.

Laura Domena

Collegiate Soccer Player



After not cheering for year, you really helped me get back into shape. I was amazed by how much muscle tone and stamina I lost over a few months but I was able to regain that back and became the strongest I’ve ever been. I am now able to base after being a flyer my entire life. Although I’d rather be a flyer, coaches like to see that you are versatile and can step in when needed so that was a huge plus for me this year.

Toni Ann Yuli
Hofstra University



In order to compete at the Division 1 level as an athlete I knew I needed to step up my training. Cornell and Key 2 Sports was the edge I needed to better my performance. Cornell uses his knowledge and passion to create unique, innovative, and effective personalized training programs for the individual athlete. Having trained with Cornell for over 3 years now I have increased every aspect of my game. I have become quicker, stronger, more explosive and smarter. Without Cornell and his training I would not be the athlete I am today.

Division 1 Baseball player
Iona College



For 17 years my knees have hurt. Just going up stairs made me miserable. Visited many doctors who said just weak muscles and knee caps that have moved. Cornell Key listened to exactly what I was saying. A series of strengthening exercises and hard work has enabled me to say my knees “DO NOT HURT.” I can run, dance, climb stairs, exercise without aching knees. I am moving my body more now than I ever have. Strength, tone and most of all…I feel good again!

Daryl Lynn O’Connell
Age 45
Housewife and mother of 2



ATHLETES! That is what KEY 2 SPORTS produces. Having trained and worked side by side with Cornell I can testify that his dedication and work ethic is what every person should rival. I have been a part of the training regimen at KEY 2 since January 2009, they have transformed my body, and put me into the best shape of my life. The competitive atmosphere created by the athletes there and the drive to push one another is like no other. Key 2 is a home for athletes and a place where results are what every athlete gets.

Justin Fumando
Health and Physical Education Teacher
Assistant Football Coach
Manalapan High School



“As a female high school athlete looking to better her performance on and off the field, training at Key 2 Sports Training has greatly aided my efforts in becoming a college bound player. Sessions are intense and productive; results can be seen immediately. Cornell Key and his staff offer experience and advice that is unparalleled and I have become a faster, stronger, and better prepared player all-around.”

Chrissy Fischer
Howell High School
Headed to UCONN



After over thirty years in the health and fitness industry, I have met very few experts in this field. Cornell Key is one of the best. He has been my trainer for over two years.His attention to biomechanical detail, knowledge on speed and sports specific training is impressive.He possesses all the people skills as well. He is kind, interested and always thinking of new ways to challenge you.He personally has taught me valuable information I use and share with my clients each and every day. Having Cornell as part of your health and fitness team will be one of the best decisions you will ever make.

Tom Bilella C.C.N. C.N.S. D.C. M.S. D.A.C.B.N.




I had the honor of being Cornell’s position coach at Monmouth University in 1999. Without a doubt one of the most gifted athletes I have coached in my 21 year career. However probably one of the things that stood out most was his commitment, work ethic, and general sincerity to everyone around him that was most impressive. Cornell is the type of person you would want your child to be like as they grow up. I am most confident that not only will his expertise in training athletes be of great value to anyone he works with, but just being around Cornell will have a benefit to your child that you cannot put a price tag on. I am a better person today as a result of my relationship with Cornell Key.

2 Time Group IV State Football Champion (New Jersey)
Coach Fred Sprengel

“Not many strength and conditioning coaches like to step out the box on training theories like Cornell Key. Having worked and trained with Cornell, I have seen how he individualizes the programs designed for the athletes’ needs and the positive reults he gets. Acheiving your goals are inevitable as long as you follow a well designed plan. Key 2 gives you that plan and along the way you will learn more about yourself in sport and in life.”