Millennium Ballers LLC was created from passion, love and desire to teach and encourage our next generation the game of basketball.

Our mission is to teach every athlete that takes part in our programs the fundamentals of the game, through repetition, discipline and proper technique. The core goal of the coaches is to encourage our campers to strive for excellence in all aspects pertaining to basketball and life.

What we teach:

INTENSITY- Teaching a style of passion that instills mental toughness, a never give up attitude, and a superior work ethic that strives for excellence.

SKILL DEVELOPMENT- Developing a superior skill set that equips players with the ability to succeed at a high level.

RESPECT- To learn the valuable lessons of respect for parents, coaches, team members, and friends, as well as to respect oneself.

DISCIPLINE- Equipping players to be self-starters, visionary minded, and persistent. To be empowered with the determination to accomplish any goal that a player puts their mind to.

SPORTSMANSHIP- To develop positive characteristics of learning to be a humble winner, and gracious in losing.


Balanced Body Massage & Wellness Center

At Balanced Body, our goal is to help your body heal itself and to increase your overall health and wellbeing. Massage improves circulation, which increases blood flow, bringing fresh oxygen to body tissues. This can assist the elimination of toxins, speed healing after injury, and enhance recovery from disease. Therapeutic massage can be used to promote general well being by boosting the circulatory and immune systems.

Jersey Fusion Women’s Basketball Club is a brand new non-profit ball club with a unique and exciting prospect for our women’s basketball players and youth. Our club is part of the semi-professional women’s basketball league (WBCBL), which includes teams from coast to coast. This organization began because two women (Audrey Taylor & Geneva Livingston) made a commitment and dedication from the pure love for the game to provide an opportunity for women athletes to play at a competitive level and pursue their dreams to play professional women’s basketball.

This women’s basketball club gives adult players an opportunity to develop their skills and reach their full potential both on and off the court!


Sharon Wentworth, D.P.T., M.S.P.T., A.T.C

Elite Sports Physical Therapy

When it comes to getting athletes back to their peak and beyond Sharon Wentworth is the best! She has helped thousands of athletes of all ages through cutting edge rehabilitation and top of the industry methodology.

Tom Bilella

Tom Bilella has been one of my best clients and friends over the past three years. His knowledge and drive to help people reach their highest potential have proved to be a recipe many people model themselves after. Top of the line product and unmatched service come to mind when I think of Tom. All of my clients know that they cannot reach their highest potential simply on training alone. Tom provides the missing link in what many need to reach the top. I send all of my most dedicated clients to the Nutrition Treatment Center not only for nutrition, but for improving quality of life.

Patti Adorna

Turn 2 helps high school athletes get recruited and prepared for collegiate sports. “A college recruiting service like no other”. I’ve known Patti since my freshman year in college and there is no one close to her in expertise and knowledge when it come to the decisions you must make for your future. I would recommend every high school athlete to her regardless of your level. Patti is the Best!

West Side Barbell